EMO System

Let the light in. We feel safe and comfortable in well-lit, bright rooms – natural light has a great influence not only on our health and well-being, but also on the arrangement. Reflecting the white and warming the colors, sunlight optically enlarges the space and adds shine to it. The EMO STROPEX systems in combination with a dedicated KZN lintel allow you to get up to 20% more light by increasing the glazing area as compared to the use of traditional lintels. Light is also a source of heat, therefore in zero-energy construction there is a lot of emphasis on the largest possible glazing in the south-west directions.

Energy-saving installation of EMO STROPEX windows means up to 20% shorter installation time, thanks to the use of proven and certified solutions. EMO STROPEX has a National Technical Assessment and Technical Approvals obtained at the Building Research Institute. Installation of the window with thermo elements of the EMO system is intuitive, fast and guarantees correct mounting. Our offer includes URP. Universal positioning spreader, which we can call “intelligent wedge”, allows for precise adjustment and positioning of the window without the use of force, which takes place with the use of traditional wedges.

Zero-energy construction poses many challenges for the contractor and investor. EMO STROPEX systems with a dedicated KZN lintel allow to meet the high requirements set by standards. One of such points is the tightness of the window-wall connection. Our solutions in a simple and reliable way ensure tightness within the window frame. A mechanical connection and a gasket with a 25-year guarantee of operation ensure tightness, and this is the basis in zero-energy houses.

Energy-efficient construction has been struggling with the elimination of thermal bridges for years. Our system products in combination with the modern KZN lintel allow you to eliminate the problematic thermal bridge in the upper part of the window openings. By using thermal insulation materials, such as closed-cell PUR with high thermal insulation parameters in our Thermo-BEAMS and dedicated KZN lintels, through which we obtain additional centimeters for thermal insulation without reducing the glazing area, we obtain a connection ensuring the elimination of thermal bridges in this area.