RESPIRECO PREMIUM LINE – FRAME system with the RESPIRECO ventilation device is an innovative solution on a global scale that ensures air exchange in rooms, always achieving over 95% heat recovery efficiency regardless of the prevailing weather conditions. RESPIRECO FRAME system, one of the EMO STROPEX systems, is an energy-efficient system for the installation of window and door joinery that meets European standards for energy-efficiency and passive construction.

Suitable for:

  • wooden windows and doors,
  • aluminum windows and doors,
  • PVC windows and doors.

RESPIRECO PREMIUM LINE FRAME SYSTEM, one of the EMO STROPEX systems, is a modern, energy-efficient system for the installation of window and door joinery that meets European standards for energy-efficiency and passive construction. You can find more information about the RESPIRECO products here.

The basic elements of the FRAME system are: thermo-BEAM with RESPIRECO, thermo-FRAME, thermo-PROFILE and thermo- WINDOWSILL. The system can be used both in new buildings and old buildings during thermal modernization works. All its elements are produced in sections of 6.00 m, which enables the creation of large-size insulation for large windows. The system can be used for aluminum, PVC and wooden windows.

In modern construction, using innovative solutions such as the EMO STROPEX systems increases not only the thermal insulation properties of partitions, but also the building’s tightness level, which makes it necessary to use an efficient ventilation system, and such ventilation system is ensured by the Frame System – RESPIRECO. The efficiency of heat recovery is always above 95% (results confirmed by tests at the ITC Institute of Heat Engineering in Warsaw) regardless of weather conditions. In this solution, one of the main advantages is that the RESPIRECO device is a dry device – no condensation is formed during the entire air exchange process, and therefore there are no additional elements that drain water from the device, they are not needed.

RESPIRECO assembly variants .
Frame widthMaximum length of the components
STANDARD`240mmup to 6,0m
ON REQUESTup to 500mmup to 6,0m

EMO STROPEX systems have been designed in combination with a dedicated KZN lintel, bringing a high degree of thermal insulation of window openings, and above all in the area of the lintel, which has so far been a challenge for energy-efficient construction. EMO STROPEX systems can also be used in combination with various types of lintels available on the market, however, optimal results are obtained with the KZN lintel.

An innovative solution, which is the KZN lintel in combination with the EMO STROPEX systems, is the perfect solution for Intermo/Integro flush-mounted roller shutters and facade blinds. Because the KZN lintel is located at the level of the ceiling axis, it allows for creating a larger window opening, which consequently enables the use of appropriate thermal insulation, which is the Thermo-BEAM, included in the FRAME system.

The KZN lintel with the optimally selected height of the thermo-BEAM means a larger glazed area. It is not only a trend in modern construction, but above all, more light in the interior, and thus – enhanced residents’ comfort and daily well-being.

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