Thermo-BEAM fulfills a function of extension of installed concealed blinds and windows. Its structure ensures tightness and stiffness of joint.

An element suspended from concrete lintel forms the extension of this lintel and, in fact, becomes  a “lintel” for a window – a “lintel” eliminating thermal bridge.

  • stable and resistant to changing pressure,
  • made of closed-cell polyurethane foam,
  • double-sided cladding made of MGO magnesium boards,
  • NOVELTY! double-sided cladding made of composite panels,
  • excellent thermal insulation coefficient,
  • high compressive strength 1500kg/m
Height (H) Width (S) Length (L)
225mm240mm; 200mmup to 6m
260mm240mm; 200mmup to 6m

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