Insulating element for arched and round windows

The thermo-SHAPE can be an element of the frame system, but it can also be used as a single element of the STROPEX EMO insulation. Tests at ITB confirmed the declared performance properties allowing for use in energy-saving and passive construction. The increased rigidity of the window frame obtained by mechanical connection with Thermo-SHAPE significantly improves the insulation within the window.
Thermo-SHAPE is made on the basis of two MgO boards or composite boards filled with hard polyurethane foam with closed chambers.

  • stable and resistant to changing pressure,
  • made of closed-cell polyurethane foam,
  • double-sided cladding made of MGO magnesium boards,
  • NOVELTY! double-sided cladding made of composite panels,
  • With composite panel cladding, there is no need to use EPDM!
  • excellent thermal insulation coefficient,
  • high compressive strength 1500kg/m

Examples of thermo-SHAPE application

Heigh (H)Overall width (S) Length (L)
UNDER INDIVIDUAL ORDER On request after sending the specificationOn request after sending the specificationup to 6m
File File size
pdf The Declaration of Performance 473 KB

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