Thermo-PANEL universal

An element that performs the function of thermal insulation and sealing the perimeter of the window.

The universal Thermo-PANEL is the main element of the STROPEX EMO panel system. Tests at ITB confirmed the declared functional properties of closed-cell foam, allowing it to be used in energy-saving and passive construction.

The universal Thermo-PANEL equipped with a dedicated gasket ensures tightness at the connection with the window frame, and the use of the Universal Thermo-PANEL and the Universal Thermo-SILL will seal the window around the perimeter. Universal Thermo-PANEL, whose internal fitting is additionally reinforced with a cladding, which ensures easy finishing of the surface of the window recess. The cladding of the fitting can be made of magnesium MgO boards or the latest solution in our offer, which is a composite board.


  • Universal solution for windows made of wood, aluminum and PVC,
  • The tightness of the connection is ensured by a special polyurethane gasket
  • Rigid closed-cell polyurethane foam, MgO cladding,
  • NOVELTY! composite panel cladding,
PANEL CODEHeight (H)Profile’s Width (G)Total Width (S)Length (L)
VA01-PL3830mm49,2mm380,0mmup to 6,0m
AT01-PL3830mm43,0mm380,0mmup to 6,0m
SO01-PL3830mm43,0mm380,0mmup to 6,0m
DX01-PL3830mm43,0mm380,0mmup to 6,0m

VA – VEKA profile; AT – Aluplast profile; SO – SCHUCO profile; DX – Drutex profile

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