Thermo-PROFILE, with a transport function, is a modern, advanced product and a part of every STROPEX EMO system.

Suitable for:

  • wooden windows and doors,
  • aluminum windows and doors,
  • PVC windows and doors.

thermo-PROFILE is made of PVC filled with closed-cell rigid polyurethane foam and a dedicated seal. Thanks to the special shape, thermo-Profile enables the creation of correct, tight and warm joints when windows and doors are fitted.

Thermo-PROFILE is available in the varieties for the following profiles: VEKA, ALUPLAST, DRUTEX, SCHUCO, SALAMANDER, GEALAN, REHAU.
There is a possibility of fitting it to other profiles after sending the specification and verifying the solution.



  • Transport function: safe transportation of even very large and heavy balcony and terrace windows with the use of transport cladding,
  • Double stems: increase durability and enable installation of windows and doors with the use of system anchors in accordance with applicable recommendations,
  • Click system: enables Thermo-PROFILE to be pressed into the window frame easily, fast and stably,
  • Joint tightness: ensured by the special polyurethane seal,
  • Even surface (of the Thermo-PROFILE): adjusted to the width of the window frame’s installation stems. This enables accurate setting of inner and outer windowsills,
  • Materials: PVC (100% recycled from window joinery elements) and closed-cell rigid polyurethane foam.

Comparison of thermal insulation of full and multi-chamber thermo-PROFILE on the basis of ITB (Building Research Institute) research results. You can find the files with the test results in the table with attachments

PROFILE CODE Height (H) Width (S) Length (L)
VA01-LA3030mm49,2mmup to 6,00m
AT01-LA3030mm43,0mmup to 6,00m
SO01-LA30 30mm43,0mmup to 6,00m
DX01-LA3030mm43,0mmup to 6,00m
SA01-LA3030mm67,5mmup to 6,00m
RH01-LA300mm67,5mmup to 6,00m
GE01-LA3030mm49,9mmup to 6,00m
AT02-LA3030mm68,0mmup to 6,00m

VA – VEKA profile | AT – ALUPLAST profile | SO – SCHUCO profile | DX – DRUTEX profile | SA – SALAMANDER profile | GE – GEALAN profile | RH – REHAU profile

Possibility of fitting to other profiles after sending the specification and verifying the solution.

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