Thermo-THRESHOLD is a modern universal product for doors with an aluminum or steel threshold


thermo-THRESHOLD designed for thermal insulation of doors with an aluminum and steel threshold. Termo THRESHOLD is made of closed-cell PUR foam, linings available in two versions – linings made of MgO boards and linings made of composite panels. The polyurethane gasket is responsible for the tightness of the connection between the door element and the thermo-THRESHOLD. An insert has been embedded in the PUR core, enabling the thermo-THRESHOLD to be screwed together with the threshold.

  • A modern solution in the construction industry for the correct installation of door joinery
  • maximum length 6.00 m only such product on the market!
  • stable construction and resistant to changing pressure,
  • made of closed-cell polyurethane foam,
  • double-sided cladding made of MGO magnesium boards,
  • NOVELTY! double-sided cladding made of composite panels,
  • With composite panel cladding, there is no need to use EPDM!
  • excellent thermal insulation coefficient,
  • high compressive strength 1500kg/m
  • dedicated PU gasket
PRODUCT CODEHeight (H)Width (S)Length (L)
STANDARD AF01-PE8080,0mm61,2mmup to 6,00m
UNDER INDIVIDUAL ORDERMILLED UNDER THE PROFILEOn request after sending the specificationOn request after sending the specificationup to 6,00m

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