Thermo-WINDOWSILL (warm windowsill) performs the function of thermal insulation and complements the STROPEX EMO systems. It is perfect for energy-saving and passive construction.

Suitable for:

  • wooden windows and doors,
  • aluminum windows and doors,
  • PVC windows and doors.

A modern product commonly called a warm window sill is made on the basis of Termo-LISTRWA. Made of PVC material filled with hard polyurethane foam with closed chambers and a dedicated seal, thanks to the special shape of the profile, it allows you to make a correct tight and warm connection during the installation of window joinery.
The Thermo-PROFIL set with Thermo-WINDOWSILL form together a base for external and internal window sills


  • Double stems: increase durability and enable installation of windows and doors with using the system anchors in accordance with proper recommendations.
  • Click system: enalbes easy, fast and stable pressing in to the window frame.
  • Joint’s tightness: ensured by the special polyurethane seal.
  • Components: PCV (100% recycling of window and door joinery elements) and closed-cells rigid polyurethane foam.
WINDOWSILL CODE Height (H) Profile’s Width (G) Total Width (S) Length (L)
VA01-PT3830mm49,2mm380,0mmup to 6,00m
AT-01-PT3930mm43,0mm380,0mmup to 6,00m
SO01-PT3830mm43,0mm380,0mmup to 6,00m
DX01-PT3830mm43,0mm380,0mmup to 6,00m
SA01-PT3830mm67,5mm380,0mmup to 6,00m
RH01-PT3830mm67,5mm380,0mmup to 6,00m
GE01-PT3830mm49,9mm380,0mmup to 6,00m
AT02-PT3830mm68,0mm380,0mmup to 6,00m

VA – VEKA profile | AT – Aluplast profile | SO – SCHUCO profile | DX – Drutex profile | SA – SALAMANDER profile | GE – GEALAN profile | RH – REHAU profile

Possibility of fitting to other profiles after sending the specification and verifying the solution.

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